Saturday, January 30, 2010

Nike+ is a nice motivator while running

A couple of years ago I bought the Nike+ kit to go along with the iPod I had at that time, a first generation version. It worked fine but for some reason the battery in the sensor that you put in your shoe died after only a week or two of use. I took it back to the store for a replacement and the same thing happened to the replacement sensor so I returned it once more and got a refund on the entire Nike+ kit. Then last fall I got a new iPod because the old one finally died. So I decided to try Nike+ again with my new iPod. Now it works great and so far, no problems with the sensor dying. I use it for outdoor runs as well as indoors on the treadmill. It's nice to have the music playing as well as hearing a pleasant voice tell me when I've reached my halfway point, or have 400 yards to go, and so on. The remaining problem is that the armbands you can purchase for the newest generation iPods are inadequate. They must be made for thin women because the one I got won't even fit around my bicep -- and I'm not a bug muscular guy. I have seen that Apple offers a new armband holder for the iPod so I may have to check that out.

Ran 2.03 mi on 1/29/2010 at 11:39 AM with a pace of 8'14"/mi

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