Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Log books provide motivation

Log books are a wonderful source of motivation for me. During the past three years I've kept a log book for kayaking and for part of that time I also logged my running miles. In fact, during 2010 I kept a workout log for all my fitness activities. It was part of a fitness program developed by the company where I was working at the time. Employees received a deduction on their company-sponsored health insurance premiums by meeting certain minimum workout goals, which I did easily as part of my regular routine of kayaking, x-c skiing, running and bicycling.

2010 results:

  • Running: 54 hours, 352 miles
  • Kayaking: 162.5 hours, 93 times in the kayak
  • Scuba: 11 hours,  15 dives
  • Biking: 9.6 hrs, 134 miles

Near the end of 2011 I ended my employment at the company and therefore with its fitness program. I lost track of the workout log I was keeping that year. However, I did keep a separate kayaking log so I know that I logged a total of 330 kayaking miles in 2011.

In 2012 I kept a more detailed kayaking logbook. I also keep a dive log for all my scuba dives. I now have 110 lifetime open water dives, with more coming in a few weeks.

2012 results:

  • Kayaking: 118 times for a total of 514 miles
  • Scuba:  17 dives

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